Thursday, July 7, 2011

HTC Sensation OTA Update available for Europe

The first OTA update for the HTC Sensation is released but only for unbranded European devices which means devices that wasn't customize by carrier.

The update brings some changes that will make your phone smoother, better wi-fi performance and longer battery life.

Below is the review of the update courtesy of Sensation Devs.

"After a month of working with version 1.28, 1.35 leaked last weekend (thanks Football), so I flashed it right away!
This version was for ‘unbranded’ devices only, that means it has been made for devices without customization of carriers. This unbranded devices are normally called ‘vanilla’. The nice thing with unbranded devices is that you can flash the newest software update from HTC without waiting for your carrier to approve it. In practice the carriers release the updates months later than HTC because they have to put their customization (bootanimation, apps etc.) before they release them to the customers.

But ok, back to the update…
We are eagerly waiting for the update by HTC that will unlock the Sensation. Unfortunately, nothing changed after this update, the Sensation is still S-ON. This means you can only flash software made by HTC, no custom roms can be flashed yet. Too bad for the development community…

The new update brings a lot of improvements that you won’t see but feel.
HTC seems to work on optimizing the software to get the maximum performance out of this device. Besides the cosmetic improvements there are also some differences under the hood. Just to mention some, the agenda, camera, contacts, gallery, twitter and Sense have being improved, and there’s a new version of them on this update.

HTC Sense has been improved a lot, not in the looks, but in its performance.
Sense first consisted of several so-called modules, that were loaded separately depending on what the user did in Sense. This meant less memory usage, but more memory fragmentation. In detail, memory fragmentation increases the battery usage and can slow down the phone. Because people were complaining about the lag on Sense, HTC redesigned Sense and made it into 1 module instead of several separate modules. This results are positive, and Sense is now faster and a lot smoother.

This update includes a new, improved, radio.
After purchasing the phone, I wasn’t really satisfied with the signal strength. While any other HTC device had enough Wi-Fi signal to chill in the garden while browsing the internet, the Sensation was not getting any signal at all. Happily enough, HTC did a good job on the latest radio and now I won’t lose my wifi connection anymore when I’m moving far from the router. Despite this improvement, I still think they can do better with it.

Battery life – a hot topic now that smartphones become increasingly powerful and consume more power.
The battery life was good before the update, and now it is even better. Sense has been improved and optimized to use less power and the new radio manages the wireless connections of the phone efficiently and saves battery power. Also, charging is much faster now.

All in all, this update is worth the shot. Do not expect vast improvements but it will make your phone snappier, improve your Wi-Fi performance and make your battery last longer.

The full potential of the Sensation will be unleashed once we get root and S-OFF. Everyone is looking forward to custom roms, and I hope we can flash this beast soon!"

The update isn't available in Malaysia yet but hope it'll be soon.

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