Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lonely single men's comfort. Virtual Girlfriend saves your day!

There's a new iPhone app from Korea basically act as your virtual girlfriend. The app was launched 30th November and is already a hot with 80,000 download a day! Since this app act like your virtual girlfriend, here's what you can expect from this app.

  • You'll received virtual video call from the virtual model (Mina, 22 years old)
  • She'll whisper some sweet nothings that will brighten your day and make you feel like somewhere actually care about you
  • There are over 100 messages such as 'Good Night, Sweet Dreams' which will make you smile in your sleep
The app will be available in other countries such as UK, China and Japan and best of all, the app is absolutely free. Maybe there will have different virtual model for different countries. Who might you want to be your virtual girlfriend?


  1. Of cos must put me inside la HAHAHAHA

  2. Haha I was thinking about putting a bunch of pretty girls as the model. :P

  3. It's only available in Korea now. Not sure when it'll release to other countries.

  4. Probably men will get tired of it and bored after a while.

  5. Haha probably but the app can be updated with new model, messages and features periodically to keep the men from getting bored of it