Monday, December 20, 2010

Internet Calling using your smartphone

Full Internet Calling has been built into the Gingerbread OS that allows you to make and receive voice call over your internet connection either via 3G (or 4G) or WiFi.

It actually works like Skype but the different is that it is built into the OS itself and thus you don't need a third party app for it. On the other hand, Skype will only allow you to make call and not receive call unless you purchase a Skype Online Number. Click here more detail on Skype Online Number.

Watch the Internet Calling in action below:-
One last thought before I end my post. With this feature, we might just sign up for a data plan and there's no more need for a voice call plan from the carrier. Do you think that carriers will disable this features?


  1. Probably we'll hit our download cap a lot sooner if we use internet calls all the way.
    Also, many people are still not as connected like we do. As long as they exist, there will be market for voice plan

  2. Well said. But if it affects their income by 50% do you think the carrier will do something about this? Probably they'll come up with a different pan to cater for this new internet calling needs?

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