Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wirelessly Sync or Stream your music

I'm not sure about you but I find syncing or transferring music to my phones either through USB cable or through my external memory card a bit tedious and troublesome and how I wish that I have the ability to sync them without doing all these. Thank goodness my call has been answered.

Sync or Transfer your music wirelessly
Now you sync or transfer your music to your phone wirelessly thanks to Winamp. Winamp has recently released an app for Android (not available for Apple currently) and it will work with your Winamp on you PC to sync music to your phone wirelessly over a wifi connection. The app is currently in Beta version but that stopping us from trying this cool features, right. Anyway, for the detailed tutorial of how the wireless sync is done, you can check out the Winamp Blog. You can also download the app here and the latest version of Winamp for your PC here.

Stream your music wirelessly
Apple has also released their AirPlay feature which allow you to stream your music, playlist and even your music information to your i-devices through an ethernet and/or wifi connection. This means that your whole iTunes library in your mac computer will be available to you anywhere and anytime as long as you have your i-devices and are connected to the same connection. There are also AirPlay certified third party speaker docks, receiver and stereos available in the market from companies such as Bower & Wikins, Denon, Marantz, JBL, iHome and many more to come. You can get more details from Apple's Website.

Our life has just gotten easier with these features coming out. If you have an Android phone, you save yourself the trouble of syncing or transferring your music to your Android phone through a cable and if you have an iPod, iPhone or any other i-devices, you can just stream your music and you save yourself the trouble to sync your music (unless you want to carry away from your mac computer).

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