Saturday, October 30, 2010

HTC Sense

HTC has just released their latest Android phones, the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z which uses the latest version of Google's OS, the Android 2.2 a.k.a Froyo.

The new phones also come with HTC's latest version of HTC Sense where they offers a lot of insightful features that allow the user to do a lot of great stuff online through

Here's some of the great features offered at
1) Peace of mind when you can't find your phone
    - You can make your phone ring LOUDLY even when you've put your phone in silent mode.
    - You can locate your phone on the map.
    - You can make you phone forward all calls to another number in case you've left your phone at your house.
    - You can lock and erase all personal data from the phone if your phone is lost or stolen.

2) Hold on to your memories
    - You can sync all your messages and easily view and track them back online.
    - You can send and receive messages even without touching your phone.

3) Manage your contacts comfortably
    - You can add details and pictures from your computer to all your contacts in your phone.

4) Discover new places, grab your phone and go
    - You can keep track of what you've done and where you've been using Footprints.
    - You can even add what you would like to see and go using the integrated Google Maps to create Footprints and the Footprints will appear in your phone.

5) Discover fun, useful and trusted apps
    - You can find large selection of HTC tested and reviewed apps so that you can install all the apps with ease

6) Share cool apps with friends
    - You can recommend apps that you've tried to your friends if you think that they would like the apps.
    - You can also  see the apps that your friends recommend to you.

7) Make it yours
    - You can choose from hundreds of cool wallpapers, sound-sets, scenes and useful widgets to suits your personality

As you can see, all these can be done online using your computer without the need to even touch your phone. However, the cons for this great service is can only be used with your HTC phones. If you are not using HTC phones then maybe it is time to get one. :P

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