Saturday, October 2, 2010

Talking Tom App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Talking Tom is actually an app that has a talking cat that repeats whatever you say in a funny voice. You may also pet him, poke him, punch him and even grab his tail.

The best part of this app is that you can even record the video of the cat repeating whatever you say and then share it with your friends. If you are trying to impress someone or trying to tell someone about how you feel, just make the cat repeat your message, record the video and send it to the one.

Here's how to play with the app:-
- Talk to the cat and it will repeat everything you say in a funny voice.
- Pet his body or head to make it purr.
- Poke his belly, head or feet.
- Grab its tail.
- Pour it a glass of milk.
- Ignore and forget about it and he'll yawn and sneeze.
- Record a video and share it with your friends.

Here's a sample video taken from

This app is available for iPhoneiPad and Android.And best of all, this cool app is totally free. So grab it now!

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